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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My First Official Experience as a Guest Blogger!!!

Let me start by giving a specail THANKS! to Cookie's Chronicles for this opportunity!

I was recently asked if I could do a guest blog for a fellow blogger. I agreed and since one of her blog sites is based on book reviews I found myself jumping head first into the world of book reviewing. I thought it would be very simple until I got started. My grammar and vocabulary isn't the best, so as I read and observed the illustrations of the children's book I was reviewing I realized that describing my thoughts cohesively would be an issue for me. I enlisted the help of my husband who offered suggestions or hints to areas of improvement and re-wrote it three times. This wasn't for my blog, so I couldn't just write it off the cuff like I normally do since someone else was putting their reputation in my hands. Granted I probably placed more weight and stress on myself than a children's book review justified, but I'm just getting started in this cyber world and wanted to take the chance offered seriously. In the end, I'm sure I still had mistakes, but I was proud of what I created and felt like it could offer a chance for other parents to get an overview of a book before buying it so they could make an informed decision on if they should spend the money. So, to end the suspense here is the link to my first guest blog ever (also my first book review ever!) and you can decide if I failed in my attempted or have promise to do much more: Cookie's Chronicles


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  1. You did a great job, Abby. You have such great ideas, which is why I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your book review!


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