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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Firework Milk!

Just in time for the fourth! This is mainly for older kids, but younger kids love to watch it. For the fourth of July why not make milk explode with color? Not only is this a fun craft, but it can double as a science experiment when kids get older. So, what on earth am I talking about? Let’s gather our supplies and find out!

You need:

Plate that has a lip (so the milk doesn’t over run it)

Food coloring

Dish soap


Paper (optional)

First pour the milk into the plate so it covers the bottom. Next, have the kid put a few dots of food coloring well spaced in the milk. Caution, don’t use too much or the result won’t be as explosive! Next have the kid put a dot of dish detergent on the end of a Q-Tip. Have the kid put the Q-tip behind the dot and watch the color explode across the milk! Add more detergent as needed to the Q-tip! You may want to try to press a piece of paper lightly on top to capture the fireworks. I haven’t tried this but, it would seem that if lightly laid on top the color would get picked up on the paper and once dried a fun firework picture created.

For those using this as a science project this happens does to the natural fats in nature being oil based. So, when a dish detergent that aims to break apart oils comes in contact with the fats it causes a reaction. Without the food coloring the reaction wouldn’t be visible to the eye. So, have the kid research dish how dish soap breaks oil up, the types of fats in milk, or how some chemical reactions aren’t visible without some sort of dye or coloration added.

Write down all the reactions, realizations, and exclamations in your kids’ journal! Ask them what happened? Which color was their favorite? What happens without soap? What happens with less soap? What happens with more soap? What does it look like to them? If they are using the science experiment side of this have they tell you what they have found out! Write everything down! To end, a child learning is the most exciting experiment of all! The wonder in a new discover or idea with the excitement of something new should be cherished and encouraged by us to grow because you never know when the next great discovery will be made or by who!


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