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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pizza Pizza

Sometimes we have so much fun during the day we lose track of time. We look up from the crafts, books, messes we have worked hard to make and realize it is time for lunch! What to do?! In order to get everything clean I needed the kids to have something to do, but I also needed lunch to be made; this is a dilemma! Then I realized that kids love to help and be independent! So, I put them to work! They all became Pizza chefs and made themselves lunch!

I did this without major shopping or ingredients and it was a good way to get the kids focused while I cleaned up and lunch was done at the same time. To start gather the ingredients, have the kids be responsible for carrying them or getting them out!
You need:

Hamburger buns, bagels, or slices of bread
Pepperoni or sliced up ham (lunch meat)
Spaghetti sauce, tomato paste with oregano mixed in (about half a teaspoon per cup), or Alfredo
Sliced up cheese or shredded cheese (mozzarella is better in my opinion)
Whatever other toppings you find lying around!

Start by putting the toppings in separate bowls. Put the bread of choice in a stack depending on how much you want the kids to make. Add a spoon to the bowl of sauce. Put toppings in the middle of the table within reach of the kids and a cookie sheet to the side for the finished pizza’s. Demonstrate using a silly voice of a pizza maker how to put the bread down first, a scoop of sauce next, swirl the sauce around on the bread, add toppings, and last comes the cheese to hold the toppings on like glue! Then the finished pizza goes on the cookie sheet! Once done, put the pizza’s in the oven. If you cook, you clean so have the kids clear their supplies, wipe the table, and help in whatever way they can.

Once everything is clean hands are washed and tables set the pizzas should be done! Have everyone taste their creation and enjoy having lunch made for you for once! Ask the kids why they picked the toppings they did? What was their favorite part? How does it taste? Are they good cooks? Who has the funniest chef’s voice? Did they like to cook? Write everything down in the kid’s journal as you will look back at these memories and laugh at the fun you had! In closing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of time to have a good meal, a laugh, and growth of a young mind!


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