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Monday, July 11, 2011

It's been a while...

Life has been a little busy over the past two weeks and I have been unable to post as I do normally. First, I was busy getting the family ready for a trip back East to meet my husband’s side of the family, get to see where he grew up on a tour of Eric, visit DC for the first time, see my first Civil War reenactment, and expose the kids to a different environment than they have been. I will say while the trip was great leaving more to do and see (a sign of a good trip), taking two children under the age of 2 on a plane is not something I recommend if you have other options.

The packing alone kept me up at night with worries of exceeding the 50lb limit on the suitcase I was packing for 4 (thank you southwest for at least allowing the bag to fly free if under 50lbs). Taking two babies on a trip where the time zone is different, they are surrounded with new things, places, and people which keep them on constant stimulation, and being on the plane itself with all its germs is very intense and leaves a need for recovery. The kids were exhausted from the travel and all the fun. Naps and sleep patterns were off. To add to the crazy, I live in the Phoenix area and the day we arrived back there was a monster dust storm right out of one of the Mummy movies. This naturally stirred up many ancient and not so ancient spores and bacteria making for outside play a no-go without risk to Valley Fever, Croup, or many other nasty bugs. Long story short, it’s been a busy past few weeks. We did a ton on our trip and I got plenty of new ideas and travel suggestions to share as I get back on the blog horse. So, thank you for continuing to follow the blog loyal readers. And let me close with my first travelling tid-bit: If you must travel with a child or two under the age of 2, make sure you have the support on the other side of the flight, the sanity to remain calm during, and an extra seat to strap in the car seat because it is defiantly worth the added fair!


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