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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a little sad note! Mark Haines will be missed.

Since my daughter was 3 months old, each morning I would put on Squawk in the morning because the ticker fascinated her with its constant movement and red or green arrows. I still turn it on each morning as I make breakfast, from time to time I catch some of what is being said and during breakfast (depending on who is here) I talk about a made up story regarding something they said. It has become a part of our routine and a constant in the day, while I do not understand much or know a lot about the stock market I found myself learning bits here and there, having opinions on what was said that I comprehended, and enjoying the banter between Erin and Mark.

Today, however, the morning was hectic and we missed our morning squawk. It wasn't until around lunch time when my husband texted me and I learned that at 65 Mark Haines has passed. I'm not sure who will replace him or if anyone could. I may not have understood much of what he said, but I always enjoyed his playfulness with Erin (his co-host) and that he offered his well thought out opinion on whatever the subject or topic. It's an odd feeling when someone that visits’s your home and child’s life each day via the TV is suddenly gone. While, my kids are still too young to understand that he is missing, I can't help but feel sad that a tradition of learning that I started is broken because a familiar face won't be there. Mark Haines will be missed and though I'm not a stockie (my nickname for stock market junkies) I am a mom who used his show to start my kids early on finance, so they would know more than I do and not be afraid to explore it past coupons and bargain bins. Thank you Mark for being a part of my early financial exploration and kids life, you lived well and educated many.


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