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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Helmet Head

Items needed:
a box
a knife
white paper
tape (clear packing is better)
buttons (optional)
scraps of fabric (optional)
pipe cleaners (optional)
markers (optional)
paint (optional)
crayons (optional)
egg cartons (optional)
popsicle sticks (optional)
diapers that is too small to use (optional)
Basically anything that can be taped or glued on to create a fun look!

I'm not sure about you, but on any given day I have a few empty boxes either waiting for recycling or just used as blocks by the kids in my house. Diapers, Costco wipes, Costco bulk chips, toys, and boxes that come in the mail always seem to be stacked up somewhere. What do you do with these?

Sure the kids will play with them as is, but can we take it to another level of creativity? You bet, find a box that fits on a kids head without restricting their shoulder movement. Estimate about where on the box the eyes are, then (leaving an inch or two on either side) cut a rectangle whole about 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick for the eye slit. (I used a sharp steak knife as my box wasn't that thick, but a sharper knife like a utility or zacto knife may be needed for thicker boxes.) Next, using two large pieces of drawing paper (you can use just white computer paper and put more on, use what you have) tape it onto the box to cover all the labeling. Remember to tape it around edges to help the "helmet" last longer.

Now that it’s all covered and white explore what it could be with the kids. Are you talking about the moon, maybe it’s an astronaut helmet or alien helmet? It could be a robot helmet, or a scuba diver helmet, or even an animal head. Whatever you choose, draw with a black marker some distinctive things on the white paper so you can remember what it is supposed to be. Give the kids buttons, pipe cleaners, strips of fabric, markers, crayons, paint, or anything you have lying around that they can make it unique with and create away!

The boring box that was just lying around is an adventure waiting to happen! Best part, you can make as many different kinds as you want so the kids have a ton of choices. Store them with the dress up items or use them to hold dress up clothes at the end of the day! Have fun, let the kids explore their minds and create a low cost, recycled items toy, the kids will love! If you want you can spray paint an astronaut helmet white or a robot head grey after the kids have added their parts!

Whatever you create don't stop with just the item, see if the kids can put things they've learned into active use by putting on a play or creating a story for you’re with them as the characters! Now, sit back and enjoy watching them grow!


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