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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't forget the Daddy!

Don’t forget the Daddy!

We focus so much on the mommies and all we do for our children, but what about the daddy or for some the uncle or granddad that fill that male role? Think for a moment on what they do in and for your child’s life. They are important to our children and a key in their development.

They provide a model for how a man should be in utilization of their strength, interactions with others, abilities and ways to show respect, and how to show strength in a masculine form. I think about these things when I look at my husband and watch him with our daughter and son. He is continually showing the kids new things. He was in the pool with our daughter the other day listening to and responding to her excited chatter as she kicked, splashed, and giggled as if she were the most important conversation he could have in a week. Her face light up with recognition that he was listening and providing the safety for her to explore the water world around her. She became fearless dunking herself further in the water than she normally would and when she slipped and a bit of water splashed in her face as she was caught, she looked shocked for a second, but didn’t cry instead moved from shock to comfortable exploration because she was safe in his arms. Thinking of this moment reminds me of how much she will look to him for how men should be around a woman who acts respectful and is full of life. She will learn from him what is expected from a woman to be considered respectful and educated. She will see from her father the male perspective and learn from that perspective how to become a strong woman.

My son, who is still just an infant, needing comfort and protection just stares at his dad taking in every moment, word, and emotion his dad displays. He watches him doing anything and gives his baby giggles when his dad plays hide and seek with him or blows raspberries on his chubby little belly. I watch my husband studying at his computer with his son on his knee and even as a roly poly baby my son looks at then mimic his daddy. My son will learn from his father how to be a man, loving, strong, and a constant source of positive forward movement that keeps our family going when we need strength and laughing when we are sad. My son will learn more and mimic more as he grows older and through his father’s day to day interactions with him and us.

I am thankful that my husband wants me to be the best me that I can be, whomever that it on any given day. He allows growing and changing as I explore more of myself by providing a stable house to cover our heads, food on our plates, and love for our hearts. He laughs with me, talks with me about things in the world even if we don’t always agree, and he motivates me to be better as he works to be better each day himself. He offers all of himself to me and I love all he offers and work to offer the same back to him.

In watching my husband come through the door at the end of the day and all the kids (not just mine, but many of the daycare children) light up and shout for him to pick them up shrieking with excitement when he greets them and lifts them each in the air I’m reminded that we shouldn’t forget all the men in our lives do for us and our kids. So, today let’s not forget the daddy’s and send them a little thank you or give an extra hug! In closing, whoever provides the masculine model for your children remember that they are important to you and your child, most likely, they do not receive the recognition or thanks for what they offer and they do not ask for it to be recognized. When someone offers you something so special, it is on you to point out how special it is to you and that you know and cherish all they do, so take a moment to express to them in any way you can, thanks. It is never too late to say thank you and the worst thing you can do is never say it to someone who has helped or contributed to you. Big or small, thanks are always welcome and appreciated!


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