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Friday, December 18, 2015

Cave Tools Kabob Set Review

As many of you know my daughter loves cooking.  For this Christmas I am looking for new cooking methods to introduce into her cooking knowledge.  One method I have had no idea how to start her on is grilling.  For her age it just seems to dangerous.  But I still want her to get to experience all types of cooking leaving me with the problem of finding a safe way to introduce her to grilling.  
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Cave Tools Kabob Set:  This is the perfect way for me to introduce grilling to my little one.  Kabob's are something that she can make for us and see how I put them on the grill.  She can prepare the meat, put all the food on the rack, and with the help of a pot holder she can turn them while they cook.  This allows for clearance for even cooking and no sticking to my grill!  Plus it's a safe way to introduce grilling to her since I don't have to offer the turning of the kabob if I feel she isn't ready.  Once the food is done cooking though she can take it off the kabob with the cool food slider! I also love that their won't be any scraping with this grill tool!  Dishwasher safe are some of my favorite words! The bonus to having a little chef in the house, is the amazing meals!  My mouth is already watering!  Maybe I can add some Terriyaki to her stocking to go with this gift?!  I can't wait until she opens this up this Christmas!  She is so independent and will love that she gets to do almost all of this meal herself!  Check this out for your little chef or your grill master!

Kabob Set: (

Product Description: 
1. Perfect Grill Clearance - Just enough space so your food never sticks to the grill, but close enough for easy cooking
2. Rotate Skewers 360 Degrees - 8 Different skewer positions give you full 360 degrees rotation so you never burn your kabobs again
3. Flat Skewer Design - With round skewers your food slides heavy side down but with Flat Skewers your food stays exactly where you want it
4. Simple Food Removal - Built in food slider easily pushes all food off the skewer
5. Dishwasher Safe Rack and Skewers - Stainless steel design makes clean up incredibly fast and easy
6. Easy Storage - Kabob rack fits on any shelf and skewers come with hanging loops
7. Universal Design - Fits on any size grill
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