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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SH&SH Pizza Cutter Review

We love to cook here, well my daughter loves to cook and I just enjoy it.  She asks to bake every day and we try to create opportunities for her to learn new skills or work on.  So, we made some yummy pizza with a garlic herb crust.  One thing that is super important with pizza is to have a good pizza slicer or you end up with slices that have three or four unsliced lines on them or the toppings fall all over when you try to tear a partially sliced piece off of the pizza and its a mess.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of SH&SH Pizza Cutter:   My daughter loves it when we get to check out new cooking tools.  She likes to look at them and see if they look nice, but she loves it when they work well and are something she can use herself.  So, for safety we put the cooked pizza on a cutting board.  We allowed it a little time to cool to better cut through the cheese or pizza cheese just seems to pull off the slices and get all crazy.  Once cooled to a safe temperature for her to try the slicer on we reviewed our using sharp objects rules.  Pay attention, one hand holds the cutting board safe away from where you are cutting, go slowly, do not cut toward your body (cut away or to the side), and always be aware of how your instrument is cutting (if it sticks or starts to go too fast stop and ask for help).  So, I made small guide cuts with the pizza cutter for her to follow.  They were just enough to give her the direction to cut in, but she had to do the actual cutting.  With me right next to her she sliced away.  This worked so well she was able to use it and we got some amazing pizza for dinner.

*Important note*It is not for everyone to have their children use kitchen tools.  We have been working with them for years and she started with a training/butter knife when we first started working on cutting things.  She doesn't use a lot of tools on her own yet and if she uses anything sharp like this tool I am right there and my eyes are right on her and what she is doing to prevent any issues.  Do this at your own risk and only with what you are comfortable with.  I am confident in the skills we have been developing and felt this was an alright for her to use this while supervised.

Product Description
  • - 100% stainless steel blade! Sharp stainless steel blade for cutting pizza, pie, crust, and pastry dough. Perfect for modern kitchens, with a cutting wheel made of stainless steel, this product is easy to clean; you can put it in the dishwater - NO RUST!
    - Easy to use, hard rubber handle offers improved control with a comfortable grip, Soft grip areas built into handle for slip resistance, gives excellent grip and balance, Cut cleanly, and Eco -friendly
    - Easy to clean - no effort needed, just wash it with a soap and a sponge, or put in the dishwasher, either way - you will get a very easy to clean product! now you can start preparing another pizza. No rust or discolor
    Perfect shaped - for excellent balance and control, stainless steel and ergonomically shaped, comfortable to hold while you press down, light weight makes it easy to use, Soft, non-slip grip, Perfect for slicing pizza, baked pastries, tortillas, waffles and more. Attractive shape!
    - Perfect slices instead of a mess, best choice for your kitchen. This pizza cutter design makes cutting much faster and more efficient. Ideal for cutting even deep dish. Elegant appearance, convenient for storing after using Full refund guarantee!

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