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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Virgin Argan Oil

I used to be up on fashion, or at least able to give it a run for it's money, but since having kids I'm not sure I'm even in the race.  That doesn't mean I'm not still trying to take care of myself or teach my children how to care for themselves.  In fact, since having kids I find myself looking for things to use for them so they won't have to figure it out later.
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of NorthCoast 1% Virgin Argan Oil:  I'm sure many of you health/beauty conscious have already heard of or about Argan Oil.  Many of you probably aren't sure what it can be used for.  It is great for a variety of things, but what I have found it does wonders for is hair.  My daughter has been blessed with hair that half waves/curls like her dad's when his gets long and my board straight hair.  It makes for some awesome battles in the morning trying to get it to cooperate.  That is where this Argan Oil comes in.  After her shower at night we apply about a nickle size of oil to her hair and let it soak in over night.  It makes for easier combing the next day.  It makes her waves/curls less tangled in the straight portions of the hair.  Yeah for my little one's head!  We don't use it every night, about every 3 days or if we use any heat tools on her head (she's in dance) to avoid over use.  As an interesting after effect I have noticed that is makes my hands feel nice and smooth after I put it in her hair.
My only complaint, well not really a complaint as I go back and forth on if I like this or not, is that this didn't seem to really have a smell.  This is good when she has anything else put on that already has a scent so that she doesn't have competing smells overwhelming her.  It isn't so hot if that's all she has on since it would be nice to have a little something.  I just keep going back and forth on if I like that their isn't a smell or not.
I haven't tried it on these other area's, but I've heard that Argan Oil is good to use on them as well as hair: aging skin, dry hands, softener for nails, cuticle oil, and beards.  I recently saw a few on a pregnancy site mention it being used to help with stretch marks in pregger bellies, but haven't found or seen anything to support this use.
All in all I like this oil for taming my daughters hair.  Check it out for yourself!

Product Description
NorthCoast Products 100% Virgin Argan Oil: The ancient organic oil has been used for centuries to work wonders for aging skin, brittle hair, and dry hands as well as a softener for nails. Used primarily by women as a beauty/health product to add luster to their hair, however we have even had men use it as a beard product as well. The oil is shipped via air freight from Morocco, cold pressed, certified organic, and hand-made by the local Berber women in all-female co-opts.   

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