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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vetro iphone 6 Screen Cover

I just got a new smartphone.  Up to now we have held off on getting them for a number of reasons.  One of them is that I run a daycare!  Kids are phone murderers!  I can't tell you how many times they have pick pocketed, grabbed off the counter, or knocked out of my hands my old phone.  Naturally, I've been a little paranoid with this new phone!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Vetro iphone 6 Screen Cover:  So, I have a Moto G which is just slightly smaller than an iphone.  I was still able to make this fit by squirting some water on it and slowly cutting it with a zacto-knife.  The edge is covered by my rubber phone cover and now my screen is protected by this tempered glass.
This is perfect because I don't have to worry about weird finger stains since I can just replace this if that happens and my phone won't be permanently damaged!!  Plus, now any dropping, dragging, grabbing, fumbling, or rubbing against abrasive surfaces are less of a worry.
The kids are magic when it comes to finding ways to make you juggle a phone and it never fails to amaze me how flexible they become when their is something in your hand that you don't want them to have, especially babies.  Babies should be in a circus with how they can move when your trying to keep something behind their back.  This screen is great for protecting my phone's screen from all of these kid antics!  It is much easier to replace this screen than the screen of my phone and less expensive since I'd have to buy a whole new phone.
So, it does a good job of protecting the phone, but the next test was to see if I could still use the phone.  What good is a phone that has a protected screen if you can't still use it? So, far it hasn't affected my ability to use the phone at all.  All swiping, flicking, zooming, screen flipping, has been able to occur as if this wasn't even on the phone at all.
Sounds pretty good to me, a protected screen without any issues using the screen, now if only they could make something like this for the front of my stainless steel fridge!

Product Description
Thinnest available! Incredibly slim 0.2mm design lets you feel your phone as it was intended! No added bulk.

Extremely easy installation - Guaranteed no bubbles, everything needed for a smooth installation is included.

Stunningly clear pure glass. Crystal clear glass has much better visibility than plastic. You'll forget it's there! Zero hindrance to your phone's beautiful display.

Our design covers the full size of the LCD screen. No more exposed edges of the LCD due to the curved screen edges.

Protect your phone from scratches and damage, without ruining the feel! Experience your phone as it was designed.

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