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Monday, March 9, 2015

Solutions Solved Seat Back Protectors

As soon as kids are big enough the back of my seat became a leg rest of sorts.  Or a way to make creative art out of foot prints.  Either way it is annoying and a pain to clean up!  So, I looked for something to help me out and found a great product to review for you.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Seat Back Protectors: First thing I noticed was that their is a mesh pocket and a clear pocket.  The clear pocket is supposed to be for iPad but instead we used it for my kids Leap pad Ultra's.  They have movies/tv shows loaded on them and when we take long trips it lets them hold their snacks and watch their show without spilling on my floor and creating a different kind of mess.  The mesh section is great for putting in toys, a sippy if their is no holder, backup clothes/wipes/diapers, or a book for reading.
It definitely kept the backs of my seats clean.  I drive an Excursion and the fit was a little snug to fit over the top part of the seats.  If I were going to change anything than it would be more length for attaching to bigger vehicles like Suburbans or Excursions.  Other than that it does what it says it will do, protects the back of your seat!

Product Description

Keep vehicle seats clean and in excellent shape with Seat Back Protectors to eliminate dirty, soiled feet on the backs of seats and increase resale value and prevent extra cost when returning your lease.  Large vinyl window For IPad Mini Or Tablet with mesh pocket to keep kids organized while the water resistant auto seat-back cover protects your investment.  High Quality Kick Mats that are easy to install.

 At Solutions Solved, we truly care about our customers and are 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction.  If you have any issues, we will work with you to make it right!

In the meantime, here are a few starter tips on using your Seat Back Protectors right away.

             Make sure vehicle seat back is clean

             Ensure any pockets on the seat back are empty, before you cover them.

             Simply wrap top straps around the base of the head rest and clip together.

             Secure bottom straps around seat base and attach Velcro straps.

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