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Monday, March 9, 2015

CellPRO SPORTS Armband

I just got my first smart phone a Moto G.  The first thing I noticed was that it no longer just slid into my pocket for a jog or really most things.  My old phone was a flip phone and just clipping it over something to carry it with me was not longer an option.  So, time for a new solution.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Cell Pro's Sports Armband:  I first notice that their is a slot for a house or car key depending on what you are using this for.  The card slots are on the inside of the arm allowing you to take an ID, credit card, and maybe a folded up dollar or two in between two cards.  It has two different fit slots, so it can fit on a variety of arm sizes.
The phone was accessible to use even inside this.  I was able to touch the apps to pull them up or if I needed to access the camera I could just slide it out and then back in as it fit very easily into the holder.  I didn't worry about it coming out nor was their concern with the band coming off my arm.  If you have a smart phone and are looking for  sometime to go hiking, walking, running, or just shopping with I would definitely check this out!

Product Description
CellPRO SPORTS Armband - Running & Exercise & Gym Black Sportband (4.7") + 2 x ID / Credit Card / Money Holder & Key Holder - Best Sweat Proof & Water Resistant & Reflective Armband [Lifetime Warranty]

  • ✔ PERFECT FIT For Apple iPhone 6 (4.7") , CellPRO Armband is specially designed for Iphone 6 and keeps your phone Fully Protected! Wear it everywhere with No Hassle! The Armband works PERFECTLY FOR ANY PHONE WITH THE DISPLAY BETWEEN 4.5" and 5.1".
    ✔ 2 CARD POCKET SLOTS! Leave your Wallet or Purse at Home and Take your Credit Cards, Drivers License, ID or Business Cards with you! We made sure that you'll have 2 perfect slots for them all!
    ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT SOFT NEOPRENE that is molded to twist and bend but will not stretch out of shape. Washable with gentle soap and water, then air dry. Can keep sweat away from your phone. ✔ TOUCHSCREEN works PERFECT through the clear cover! ✔ The REFLECTIVE BAND makes you more visible in the night so you can feel safe all the time. It helps you to be noticed in those moment when you need to focus on running not avoiding cars or bikes.
    ✔ SIZING: CellPRO Arm band is small enough to fit smaller arms, but you can also adjust the comfortable soft stretchable velcro strap, which allows up to about 16" biceps. OPTION A: 12.0-16.0" [30.4 - 40.5 cm] or OPTION B: 8.0-11.5" [20.3-29.2 cm]
    ✔ OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION is priceless, so if for any REASON you don't absolutely LOVE our Armband, just send us a message and we will do our best to help you! Don't forget that we offer ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY ✔ so TRY IT ON OUR RISK!

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