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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Francois et Mimi 700 Thread Cotton Luxury Sateen Egyptian Cotton Sheets King Size

Sleep is something that I practically ran from when I was younger.  I now I wish I could go back to my younger self and shake them into getting more sleep.  Mainly because, as a mom, sleep isn't something that I get the chance to take advantage of often.  So, the bed has become a place that I wouldn't mind having a stay-cation in!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Francois et Mimi's 700 Thread Egyptian Cotton Luxury Sateen Sheets:  First of all I love this color.  It matches my comforter which is a mint blue and brown.  It comes in plenty of colors for whatever your color scheme.  I chose brown as that is my preference and it hits the, hides the baby spit up that I just wiped up marks, that will inevitable come!
The 700 Thread Egyptian Cotton Luxury Sateen Sheets are amazingly soft. It is a sensation of luxury and pampering as I slip into the sheets that I haven't experienced since I was without children.  They are very comfortable and breathable, which is perfect for Arizona.  It can get cold during the night here in the spring, but often hot in the early parts of the night when I'm trying to climb into bed to catch some early evening kids finally went down zzz's.  This way I get the breath-ability of cotton while it's warm, but don't get woken up when it turns cold and I need a little something to keep me from getting too cold.  I love how sheets have the ability to do that, keep you a little warm when you need it, but not inducing a sweat when you don't.  I have enough things to wake me up during the night, I don't need to be woken up because I need to take off or pull on a sheet.  I also hate it when I've had a restless sleep and the sheets come off the bed so I wake up because I'm suddenly laying on the elastic band that should be under the mattress!  These are a nice deep pocket fit so that doesn't happen.
These are machine washable in cold, which is all I use here in AZ as the water heats up in the pipes so you risk shrinkage if any other setting is placed on.  I use the delicate or the hand washing setting as well to keep the nice luxurious feel to the sheets.
Great sheets are a great way to pamper this mama!

Product Description
~~Made of 100% Luxury Sateen Egyptian Cotton
•Deep Pocket Fit, up to 16"
•Includes One Fitted Sheet, One Flat Sheet and Pillowcase

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