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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag

One of the most used items a mom will ever get or need is a baby bag.  It will be where you turn when things get messy, busy, sticky, or half a dozen other situations.  The more kids you have, the more moments that need something from the bag you will have.  I have 3 kids, so I'd better have a big bag!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag Review:  Who says a mom can't be stylish.  I am not a fan of people who wear a ton of animal print.  To me this is an accessory print, a cardigan, purse, necklace, shoes, or baby bag!  This is the perfect print to hold all the items that my little animals need when we aren't at the house!  I love that the fabric is very wipe-able since something is always getting spilled on my diaper bags.  This one is large enough for diapers, wipes, bottles, change of clothes for each kid, some snacks, emergency meds, bandaids, and all my mommy tools!  It has some zipper detachable pouches inside along with a longer strap for situations that require your arms to be a little more free than the normal handles can provide.  Plus, a changing pad for those situations where their isn't anywhere clean to lay your baby down for a change.  There are a number of pockets inside that let you organize your stuff for quicker access to whatever your mommy need happens to be in that moment.  The end pocket is perfect to slip in that bottle that baby was working on, but not yet finished.  
As an aside, this bag is perfect for those who take their children to daycare.  It is large enough to make sure their is a day stash of diapers, bottles, creme, changes of clothes, and other necessities for your provider.  I often have a hard time finding items in the smaller bags and as a provider this can be a problem.  It is also, not uncommon to have items missing or not brought in the smaller bags.  Heaven forbid it be the time one of those items are needed, so for those of you who use a daycare make sure the bag is a big one!

Product Description
Baby's jaunts around town will be a whole lot jazzier when this uber-stylish leopard print diaper bag comes along. It's not just a pretty face either - it's packed with ingenious organizers to make mom's day brighter as well!

8 Pockets Keep All Your Stuff Organized

You might not even need to bring a separate purse! Inside the Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag are 4 large pockets, a small zippered pocket and even a padded pocket in an end wall that's the perfect size and shape for a bottle of formula (or your cell phone). On the outside of the bag are two more pockets: one with zipper closure and another bottle-shaped one with an elasticized top edge that will hold the bottle securely in place.
Set Includes Changing Pad, Wet Pouch and Accessories Pouch

When there are no changing facilities nearby, the Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag has you covered. It comes with a 22" x 13.75" changing pad, a 7.5" x 13" zippered pouch for holding used diapers or wet clothing, and a 9" x 5.5" zippered pouch for other little essentials (yours or baby's).
2 Ways to Carry It

Some moms like to hold their bag in their hand, others prefer a shoulder strap. The Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag gives you both options. It has 2 comfortably padded carrying handles, plus a removable, adjustable shoulder strap made of tough webbing. The shoulder strap has a sliding pad to cushion your shoulder, so it's extra comfy as well.
Durable, Waterproof and Easy to Clean

With super-strong padded walls, the Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag can easily support whatever you load into it. And with generous dimensions of 7"W x 16"L x 11"H, you can load in plenty. Rugged vinyl construction frees you from worries about leaking; and if there is a spill inside, you can simply wipe or rinse it out.

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  1. I have 3 kids, so I'd better have a big bag! Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag Review: Who says a mom can't ...


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