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Friday, February 13, 2015

Yoginiology Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray Review

We love to do yoga here!  So much so, that we incorporate it into our Daycare Day when the weather doesn't allow for outside play!  Sometimes we take it outside, but mostly we do our Yoga inside.  This is great, but all these little toes can carry some interesting smells with them.  Kids are both sticky and contagious so cleaning the yoga mats is a must to keep everyone healthy.
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Yoginiology Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray: I received the Lavender-Citrus spray.  Naturally, I sniffed it.  I couldn't really smell the lavender scent at all, but I did smell the citrus.  It had a nice "wake me up" smell of a spring orange tree.  Perfect for a rejuvenating yoga session.  Way better than the icky sticky stinky foot smell that kids somehow manage to install on the mats.  Their is nothing worse than going through a sun salutation only to have to move through plank to chattaranga before hovering your nose above a stinky mat in downward dog.  Smells can be calming and they can be disruptive.  I was very pleased that the scent of the spray was calming and not distracting.  Like I need anything feeding my monkey mind!
The kids loved the smell as well!  They said it smelled like the leaves off our orange tree, we did a little experiment and went to the orange tree smelling it's leaves.  Sure enough it did smell like the orange tree leaves.
So, how did it clean?  It also seemed to take up the film of dust that lays on everything here in Arizona.  You live in a dust bowl and you are gonna have a lot of dust.  While it took up that well, I didn't have any large messes on the mats other than the dust and a few kid foot prints that came off easily when sprayed and wiped with the cleanser.  I would say it is an effective product.  Check it out and see how you like it.
Product Description WHAT EVERYBODY OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT FRESH SMELLING DOWN DOGS How Can You Tell If Your Yoga Mat Is Really Clean? If you're not using Yoginiology's Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray it's not. A unique and refreshing blend of orange infused with organic lavender, Yoginiology's Yoga Mat Spray cleanses the surface of your yoga mat, bringing happiness to your future Down Dogs. Our Yoga Mat Cleaner IS The Best On The Planet •-> Keeps Your Mat Clean, Disinfected, & Fresh •-> Eliminates Sweat, Dirt, & Other Impurities •-> All-Natural, All-Purpose Everyday Cleaner For Yoga Mats & Props •-> Essential Oils Powerfully Disinfect (won't make your mat slippery or sticky) •-> Formulated with Local Organic New Mexican Lavender •-> Biodegradable & Recyclable Bottle •-> Never, EVER Tested On Animals
 Why Real Yogis Love Our Lavender Yoga Spray:
"I LOVE my yoga mat cleansing spray! The lavender is amazing and it cleans my mat better than anything." - Lin
"I take it with me to every class, very nice quality spray bottle - THE BEST!" - Kris

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