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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coosh CBS002A Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

So, I'm trying to lose weight and the unfortunate part of this is having to weigh myself. So far, I've been using an old scale that has seen better days.  I have to make sure to zero it before stepping on it as it looses it's zero quickly.  It was about time to upgrade so I decided to check out Coosh's Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Coosh's Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:  Let's start with the obvious, this thing looks 100% better than the scale I've been using.  It is sleek and modern looking, fitting perfectly under a storage rack I have in the bathroom for easy access and use.  I can just tap it with my toe to turn this on, which means limited bending to my already workout sore body.  While it wasn't a concern for me I feel I should mention it has a 330lb capacity for those of you trying to lose weight like I am.  We may be working on getting healthier and in most cases that means weighing less, but it doesn't mean that we can get a scale that won't work at our heaviest.  I didn't need it currently but I do like that it has a battery indicator to let me know if it needs a new batter.  As an aside it takes lithium batteries.
The numbers are rather large so seeing them shouldn't be an issue while your standing on it.  Plus, if you are losing weight you can save your profile.  It doesn't just give you your weight in 3 different measurements (kg/lbs/st) it also measures body fat, body hydration, body muscle, and calorie intake requirement which is very handy if you are trying to lose weight.  It gives you an idea on if you are eating too many calories, drinking to little water, or if your putting on muscle if you notice the weight doesn't change.  You don't have to worry about anyone else messing up your profile trying to weigh themselves either since it can store up to 12 different profiles.  This is also handy if your tracking your kids weight for health or growth book reasons.   The only draw back I noticed was their is no back-lighting on the numbers.  That and my bathroom has oil rubbed bronze fixtures and it's silver, but I was able to just slide it out of sight under my storage rack.

Product Description:
  • 6mm Tempered Glass Platform
    .02lb Precision
    Overload and Battery Indicators
    Auto-Tap to Start
    330lb Capacity
Check it out on Amazon: 

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