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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station

I run a home daycare so in the past I haven't needed much as far as diapering on the go.  That said, I'm now on my third child and the other two have classes that keep our schedule busy.  Mix that with our enjoyment of hiking and I've found my need for diapering on the go supplies increase.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station:  One thing I hate about having to change a diaper away from the house is trying to juggle all the items needed to change.  There are diapers, creams, wipes, extra clothes, and having a boy means petroleum jelly.  Add a bouncing baby boy to the mix and we are a circus on two legs.  I appreciated all of the different pockets that this station held.  This way instead of having to juggle everything or lug a huge diaper-bag packet for three I can grab the pack and go!
I couldn't help but think of how great this would be for those of you with kids in daycare.  It would be so much easier than supplying your own changing table cover plus it just attaches to a purse, belt strap, or stroller and your done.  No forgetting something and you have it on hand for those last minute errands when you pick the little one up.
I love the cute chevron design of this pad.  The gray matches almost everything. The pattern is modern, but classic so you can use it for more than one kiddo.
It has a mesh pocket, some zipper pockets, and some elastic bands to attach the travel wipes.  It is completely wipe-able for those really messy diapers.  My little Rhino made sure to put this little Rhino to work and with an easy wipe up after the change we were good to go for the next round of changes!  When the kids have an activity I can just attach this onto the stroller and we are all set for where-ever we find ourselves cleaning little bottoms!  If you have a baby, are having a baby, or know someone having a baby this is a great tool to have in the mommy arsenal!  I wish I had it for the first two!

Product Description
Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station is the answer to diapering on-the-go. For busy parents and caregivers this eliminates lugging around a large, bulky diaper bag while still providing a clean, safe surface to change on that will PROTECT the baby from harmful germs in public places. The pad is thick and large with side wings that help keep baby's hands from touching the changing surface. Convenience was in mind when designing this pad. It is small enough to keep in your car, store in your diaper bag or purse, or carry on your wrist as a fashionable clutch, but just large enough to store all your essentials and provide a fold-able, clean, safe surface to change baby. Multiple Pockets for Basic Essentials - The pockets and storage areas are set up for convenience. On the inside there is large mesh pocket that can hold up to 4 large diapers and is easy to reach into while baby is laying on pad. Also inside there is another zippered pocket which can be used to hold the included baby wipes case. There is also elastic strapped area for the included refillable Baby Wipes Case, which keeps wipes moist. The zipper pocket on the outside makes it easy to store your keys, phone, ID, etc. for easy access. Made from environmental PEVA material to keep surfaces clean and your baby away from dirty, potentially harmful germs and bacteria. The padded surface is also detachable making it easy to clean, waterproof, and PVC free. Made from durable materials that will last and come clean with a simple wipe down. The strap is adjustable and clips on and off with ease. Making it a quick transition from car to shopping cart, or from diaper bag to wrist, or to stroller. The options are limitless. The fashionable gray chevron patter is gender neutral and fashionable making it a wonderful gift for a baby shower or for yourself!

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