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Friday, February 20, 2015

Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Mugs

Seriously, I drink less coffee now as a mom than I did when I was working.  This could be because the hours I'm working are kid driven, but still more normal than the one's I used to work at the hospital or even my post graduate jobs.  Course at the hospital and after I worked evenings and nights.  It wasn't until the last outside the house job that I worked days and then I picked up all the hours I could after that, so coffee was a lifeline.  Thank I became pregnant and had to give up the coffee ghost.  So, I started a new habit Tea.  Now that the kids are born and running about my habit has become a mix of tea and coffee.  No matter the habit I still need something to put it into!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Francois et Mimi 16oz BPA-Free Double-Wall Mugs: First of all, as a mom and daycare provider I love anything with a lid!  This helps me worry less about potential messes.  Second the double wall mug means that whatever I'm drinking stays the way I want it.  If I'm drinking hot tea or coffee than it stays hot, even while running errands.  If I'm drinking iced tea or coffee it stays cold!  Bonus, it not only has a lid, but what I'm now referring to as the kid barrier.  It is this little flip top that covers the whole when I'm not drinking it and can stay in place when I am drinking from it.  I just flip closed or open.  This gives me a few more minutes to grab it if it becomes a casualty of kid-mania!  The little lip catches anything that may splash up when drinking from it, thus the splash is inside the lip and not on top of my clothes.  Even better this comes in a pack of two so one for me and one for someone else or for my second cup of the day!
We do like to take trips hiking or birding on the weekends so this is perfect for the cup holder to help me get up and go after a long morning of family outing prep-packing.  It washes easily with soap and water, making it perfect for that road trip refill!  No more drive through coffee cup hot to touch or trying to not loose the little slip around it spills and thrills.  The rubber handles make it so my hands don't care how fresh the coffee is, I just have to transfer the one they hand me to my mug and no more coffee juggling for me!  Perfect trip mug!
I'm really happy that I got to check out these mugs.  The downside for these is they aren't machine washable and can't go in the microwave (stainless steel and all).  Other than that this 2 pack is a great way to make your favorite beverage an on the go beverage.

Product Description
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulation
    Cool-to-the-touch Exterior
    Leak-proof Stopper
    Comfort Handle

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