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Friday, January 9, 2015

First week of Fitness program is over! Shoot me now!

So, we are on day 9 of my push-up a day plus one New Year Resolution challenge that I've assigned myself.  For the past 3 days I have failed to get past 7.  It sucks, but was expected.  I knew my challenge was potentially unattainable, but that isn't going to stop me in trying to get their.  I may plateau at 7, but eventually that will lead to another climb in numbers.  So, while I'm behind the year isn't over, even if my arms are feeling like they may be over the push-up challenge.
I've also been doing the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day work out and have stayed committed to this weeks video's.  Some days I've literally taken the entire day to do a video, stopping between each exercise to do something with the kids.  Some days I have not even done the work out until 10 or 11pm, but even with the exhaustion and late hour I wouldn't let myself fail and miss a day.
My body is screaming at me.  My jiggles are developing jiggles, which is a good sign that its working and loosening that fat up!  I also had a huge set back in my numbers or "scores".  I realized about 2 days in that I was pushing my body to just do the motions and not to do them correctly.  I was dropping my chest in squats, hunching over between touching the floor, raising my bottom during plank or other exercises involving the plank position and worst of all I was abusing my yoga form during stretches.  Shifting weight to compensate or appear to have a deeper stretch, not listening to the order of stretches my body was asking for, and generally allowing it to cheat to get comfortable and not healthy were all abuse of the yoga form I once had.  So, I've done less reps, felt more discomfort (pain is bad, discomfort is normal for me), and altered the cool down to go chaturanga to cobra, or bhujangasana, back to down dog repeat, then put the childs pose where she does the downward dog later in the cool down sequence.  My body was feeling uneven and with the lack of proper form I was feeling it in my back so I listen and straightened myself up.  I still did all the moves and only changed the cool down sequence to match my needs using her poses.  So, I'm put up less scores, but I'm competing with myself and for me it's about getting back to healthy form, not having the highest score.
We have the weekend off, well as much as we can have it off with kids running about and the home remodel still going on, DIY unit!  I'm sure my body won't notice we have 2 days without the program and will make sure to scream at me each day, but I'm going to let it scream.  It isn't the healthy me's body that is screaming, its the bad habit out of shape me that is screaming, the fat on my body is screaming at my muscles freaking them out because the fat knows it's days are numbered and what my muscles don't yet know is that this is their big come back year!  So, I'm going to let it scream a little and I'm going to learn to love the sound of that scream as I find the fit me once again!
I hope your sticking to your plan for the year, adjusting where you see the need, and not letting yourself excuse away your goals.  Its not easy, this week has had a lot of crappy feelings come to surface and times where I just wanted to give up or slide back, but I've pushed through.  It won't be the last week that sucks, but it will lead me to more good weeks when it is over than I would have if I don't do this for myself.
PS. Something that I need to remind myself is that I need to eat more banana's, my body will probably scream less if I do!

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