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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Light up the Holidays

 I love decorations!  I love the holidays and making a home look different than it normally does.  It creates a sense of fun and excitement that fuels smiles and laughter.  What I love more is decorations created from the heart that leave you with a great memory and story!  

PhotobucketFor this simple craft start with a glass block, I grabbed some at Home Depot.  I made sure they had a bottom with a removable plug for my lights.  Then I used some enamel paint or paint that is made for glass that can handle heat.  Make sure to check your labels when buying your paint for safety reasons!  I started by painting the background color on my glass block.  

PhotobucketNext, with the help of little hands, I painted our top color and we made hand-print snowflakes on one side.  On the other we made footprint snowmen.  Some of our blocks we wrote, "Let it snow" on the other side for a bit of whimsy and because our toes where just too ticklish to paint.  Make sure to take note to any child who has sensitive skin as the paint can cause a reaction.  Wipe off the paint from skin as soon as possible.  

PhotobucketWe added some blue dots for snow and all the parts of the snowman to complete the look.  For this design we chose to go with blue LED lights to give an icy feel/look to the block.  

PhotobucketFor the blocks with the hand-print snowflakes we wrote Let it Snow around the snowflake.  We like how this looks with the blue glow from the lights.  

PhotobucketFor our Santa Clause blocks we started with a peach enamel paint.  We added fingerprint eyes and nose, then we used fingers to make the hair that comes down on the face.  We then painted the white beard on his face.  

PhotobucketTo add to our Santa look we drew on a mouth and then glued on a Santa hat.  

We painted the backside of the Santa block white.  We wrote on this block, "Ho Ho Ho".  Next we strung our blocks together outside and it made a great pathway decoration leading to our front door!  

I love the seasons and decorations that we get to make.  These get to light the way to our home creating warmth and joy in their home-made touch and the memories made.  What will light your way this season?

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