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Friday, December 5, 2014

Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD and Mat Review

 photo ab87adcb-7a2e-440f-9ee9-097ac389f6dc_zpse5d935a8.jpgWe love to do yoga! The kids love to try new poses and to do better at poses they already know.  They randomly show off their skills to friends and family.  So, we are always looking for new yoga journeys to go on and tools to help us find moments of calm in our little bodies and full of life minds.  So, for this Christmas we have some products we tested out that are perfect for your little yogi's!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD and Mat:

Yoga DVD: One thing that can be hard for a little yogi is finding something that holds their focus.  Yoga poses come naturally to kids until you ask them to do the pose.  That is when you or someone else who is helping guide them on their yoga journey to find creative ways to help them find the poses.  The DVD allows them to not only see an adult doing the pose, but other children.  Sometimes a childs best teacher is another child.  My kids found the DVD to be fun and a great addition to their yoga collection.  Sometimes we use a DVD guide, sometimes I guide, and sometimes they take on guiding themselves to find a few moments of calm in each pose.   


Yoga comes naturally to kids, and they love it! They especially like the creative aspect of yoga by pretending that they are an animal or object that a yoga pose is named after. Lazy Lizards Yoga for Kids DVD will encourage your child to participate in a healthy activity while having fun. Yoga strengthens the body, develops body awareness, self esteem and calms the mind. This easy to follow routine can be done individually, with a group or as a family activity. Poses included in the DVD are illustrated on the Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat along with other favorite yoga poses, such as warrior and pizza pose. 30 minute session (with an opportunity to take a break or stop after 20 minutes) BONUS extras with playful songs. A great way for kids to stay healthy and active. Don’t forget to breathe and most importantly have fun!

Yoga Mat: In the past when we have done yoga it has always been on the floor or grass with our bare feet for safety.  When my daughter was an infant and I was in Yoga Teacher Training she would, on occasion, come with me and play/sleep on my mat while I went through different postures, lectures, or whatever was going on in class that day.  You can say in a way she cut her teeth on a yoga mat literally.  Since she has been big enough to do her own yoga flows however she has been mat free.  So, it only seems fitting to have the kids try out a yoga mat of their own.  This mat is set up perfectly for kids.  It is soft on the skin.  It offered great cushioning making the occasional slipped pose an un-painful slip.  It also gives them their own space so that they aren't going into each others area when practicing and creates boundaries for others not practicing so as not to interrupt the practice. They loved that it had pictures of the poses and this worked well for their personal journeys to find moments of calm.  They took turns pointing to poses and then trying them out on their own.  Kids love to be independent and this mat helped give them some independence in their yoga practice.  They also loved that they had their own mat instead of using mommies mat, they get to pull out their own!  

Eco friendly and recyclable yoga mat made for children
  • Eco friendly and recyclable Made out of TPE material
  • Thermal Plastic Elastomer, free from toxins, PVC, latex and natural rubber
  • 12 fun, easy, kid-friendly poses printed on the mat
  • 2 sided: smooth printed surface, flip for another color / blank grippy side
  • Lightweight, easy for children to carry Excellent durability
  • Closed cell construction, to keep out liquids and bacteria
  • Anti slip grip with a soft touch
  • 4 mm thick, for just the right cushion
  • Kids sized, 24″w x 48″L
  • Rounded corners Take to the studio, living room or outside at the park

Check out the kids finding their moments of calm, exploring their own private practices despite the chaos around them! 

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  1. Love all the pics. The kids look like they are having fun copying the poses on the mat.


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