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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tree of Growth Autumn fun!

Kids grow up so fast!  Each season it seems like they have already changed so much that the moments I just had are already being replaced with new moments.  Trying to capture those moments can be hard, but with some kid powered imagination it can also be a lot of fun!
We started by picking out which color of paper we wanted to use.  Next we painted our hand and arm brown, which is very messy, so paint shirts please.
We carefully placed our arm and hand on the paper to make a very long brown print.  We set this aside to dry while cleaning up our brown arms.

Next, we picked our fall colors.  No paint brushes needed for this craft, just willing fingers and hands!  Next we dipped and presses to our hearts content.  Creating our own fall mosaic of colors on our tree!

Some of us where a little messier than others.

Some of our leaves had fallen off our trees early, but that happens some years.  All creations looked great.  Now all that is left is to frame our fall moments and put them up for all to see!  Like the trees each year will yield a new tree with different color patterns and a little larger than the year before, but all beautiful in their growth!  Have fun with the little seed you planted and enjoy taking care of it so it can grown into a big, strong, colorful tree for all to love and enjoy!

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