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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to Buy Candy, Again! It can no longer be resisted the Holidays are here!

I hate buying a mass amount of candy that will sit there, just staring at me. It talks to me, telling me sweet things about how good we are together.  It wouldn't be so bad, but getting all that candy not only costs me a slight amount of sanity during the holiday season, but it costs my wallet a lot as well!  It doesn't just happen during Halloween either.  Halloween is just the start which is why we notice it so much!  After Halloween comes the candy dish out for Thanksgiving treats and stop in guests, we don't notice it, but we refill it frequently!  Then comes the Christmas parties!  The kids have parties, work has parties, and friends/family have parties that we usually end up setting or giving candy too!  Forget it if someone has a birthday!  Yeah, Halloween is just the start my friends, the candy is calling and my wallet is starting to weep!  So, this year I am at least cutting down the costs.  I got this idea from someone asking me if I knew of any Pinata mixes they could get instead of having to buy ten different bags to mix up.  Curious if my suspicions were right I check out sites that deal with Birthday Bargains by searching Birthday in a Box.  I found that by buying a few of one of these sites mixes I could avoid having to get ten bags for variety and just get a few bags of mixed choices!  This way no matter the holiday I can grab a mixed bag from my stash and fill that dish or the party favors or fill a cool paper-mache pinata you made special for the occasion.  I was also excited that a lot of these sites has free shipping if you order a certain dollar amount.  This means if I'm going to be spending $50 bucks on candy anyway for this holiday season, I can get more for my buck!  Bonus!  So, where are you getting your candy this year?  I ordered mine off line! 

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