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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Common Supercuts #franchising Misconceptions

Common Supercuts Franchising Misconceptions

The economy is tough right now and many of you will find yourselves looking for ways to re-tool or re-purpose yourselves.  I have known a lot of professional people who have recently found themselves un-employed due to the economy.  These people usually worked in area's that are currently facing cut backs or struggles in their perspective markets.  So, they are finding they need to re-tool or seek employment in other fields.
One way to do this is to look at franchising.  The problem can come when deciding what to invest yourself into if your field of expertise is currently facing economic issues.  When choosing a franchise it is important to first know what is needed in the world/area around you.  Maybe you see a need for a technical skill that you do not possess.  Decide if it's a skill you can acquire or if it is a skill that is needed to run a business for that skill?  If you know how to run a need based business successfully you may be able to avoid having that skill by hiring the skill portion of the work out.  Some examples of this are Landscaping, Cleaning, or hair cutting.  So let's look at some of the most common misconceptions and the truths about owning a business that it outside your skill set like a Supercuts.

Common Supercuts and Franchising Misconceptions:
  • This business is for hairstylists. It's not a serious business for people who aren't hairstylists.
  • You need to know how to cut hair to open a Supercuts franchise.
    • These are both FALSE!
The Truth about Supercuts and Franchising

The hair care industry is stable. It is a need based business, not a want based business. (Frozen yogurt is a want, but a haircut is a need, both in good times and in bad.)

Cutting Hair cannot be made technologically obsolete.

Services must be performed by a licensed professional, you won't ever be cutting hair, you will be in charge of running the business instead.

It's simple to own a Supercuts. You don't have a high amount of staff, inventory costs are low, hours are especially reasonable compared to other franchise industries such as food, automotive, child care, fitness, etc.

The Supercuts brand is widely recognized. It's also backed by national advertising, robust web and mobile presence and the Supercuts brand is sought after nationally.

Here are a few more articles to help you in your research:

Disclosure: This paid post was sponsored by Supercuts.

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