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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Masquerade Photo's

How fun is the pictures during Halloween?!!  I love all the fun things we get to make, pretend, and explore during Halloween!  This is the time of year I hear the most “take a picture of me” coming from the kids.  The dress-up bins are always out and imaginations are flying freely.  So, to help the kids have a blast and increase the fun photo’s we decided to make masquerade masks for pictures!

You Need:

Construction paper
A dole or straw
Contact paper
Decorating items (stickers, buttons, ect)

Start by cutting out a rectangle that will fit the kid’s head. You can do this by holding the paper up to the kid and finding where the end of the nose it and just below their hairline.  Now, hold up the rectangle and measure where the eyes and nose will hit.  Cut a triangle out for the nose and two ovals for the eyes.  Let the kids decorate away! 

Once decorate attach your straw or dole to one side of your mask.  You can cover this in contact paper if you wish to help avoid items from falling off.  Now snap away!  Stash the masks by putting them in an empty can so the kids can pair them up with their dress-up choices.  Cut some lip shapes out and attach them to doles and straws too!  Maybe some mustaches or funny nose shapes?  Whatever funny thing you can think of to hold up to a face for a great photo opportunity!  

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