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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Call to Action UPDATE!!!!!

Great news!  So, I called animal control.  When they got here I asked if it would be possible to have them look at the dog and scan it for a microchip.  The officer was very friendly and checked out the dog. There was no microchip.
She is approximately 5-7 years old, she has given birth probably a few times, her front left elbow has arthritis probably, the swelling and other signs I noticed were because she is probably in heat.  She is a very sweet dog, but lost dogs like this get only 72 hours.  At this point they are assessed for any issues such as health and behavior which would make them un-adoptable.  If they have an issue they are euthanized.  If they are clear they are kept until they are adopted or develop an issue.  Due to all the different cases that come in often a dog in long can get sick.  They do give them vaccinations to help, but it doesn't prevent everything and they sometimes get sick.  So, she agreed to let me keep the dog for a few days while I tried to find a different place for it.  As we went back outside a woman in tears came running up.  The officer questioned her to identify the dog.  It was the owner.  Apparently the woman lives at the end of the block.  She had gone to pick her daughter, who had been injured, up from school.  When she returned home, someone had opened up her back gate and her dogs were gone.  She had been frantically looking around when she had caught sight of the animal control vehicle turn down our block and had been running to see if it was her dogs.  Sadly, I only had her girl, Lyric.  She isn't sure who opened her gate, but did say she had been having issues with a back neighbor who didn't like her pitbulls.  She didn't say they did it, but the way she mentioned it after saying she came home to an open gate made me think she has her suspicions.  She cried and was very happy to have her girl back, but still upset that her other pup was still out there somewhere.  She was very appreciative that we were willing to try and find a good home for a dog and that we kept her safe.  So, we have a semi-happy ending to our story.  Lyric is back with her family and while I'm a little sad that I won't be trying to convince the hubby to keep yet another dog, she is with her family.  Her son, the male dog, is still loose and hopefully he will have a little puppy angel watching over him as Lyric seemed to have bringing her to my door.  Plus, I now know more about how animal control in Gilbert, AZ works.  Thanks so everyone who put on their angel wings and worked to try and help me create a happy ending for this beautiful pup!  Be glad to know that we have a happy ending for her and she is now home.


  1. oh my gosh! i love happy endings....i had just seen your post from yesterday (thursday's are one of my clinic days) and was getting ready to launch a full on campaign to save this pup! you're a hero in my eyes and i'm proud to 'know' you

  2. I am glad that she found her way back home. Wonderful news!


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