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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Magic Path of Yoga Game Review

We love to do yoga at the daycare.  It is great for the mind and body.  Having it be in a game is a great way to make every yoga journey different and to test the mind.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of The Magic Path of Yoga Game:  
We opened up the box and set up our game.  We made sure to put the game on the table in order to set up the cards without messing up the piles.  We set up into teams to make it quicker and easier with bigger kids helping the little ones.  Next, we read the directions.  

The set up is very similar to another game that we enjoy playing, Trivial Pursuit.  The goal, however, is to get to the Wo at the center, not fill up a pie.  

The cards varied.  There were either question cards or pose cards.  Not knowing which part your going to stretch, brain or body, adds to the fun!  The questions were kid friendly.  If they didn't know the answer it opened up the discussion on that topic. I was surprised at how much the kids knew without previous focused learning.  We talk and learn about a lot of different topics, some we have focused learning, others are just small conversations or observations.  They got quite a few questions right without help!  

The poses are great.  The kids love to see the little character doing a pose that they are to mimic.  To help the kids with languages I had them not only say the name of the pose in english, but we used the offered Sanskrit name as well.  This way they were stretching their brains while stretching their bodies without even knowing it!   

The kids loved having their own pose to try and show others.  This gave each one the chance to learn individually and be the focus for a few minutes.  It also allowed whomever wasn't attempting a pose to practice observation and patience.  Once the kid whose card it was mastered the pose, they got to help tell others how to do the pose and give them a chance to do the pose again for the others to mimic.  Each kid gets a chance at teacher and student this way.  We had a blast with this game during out exercise hour of the day and the kids keep asking to play!  If you love yoga and want to help offer it to your children this is a great way to get the whole family stretching!  
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