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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mustache Tattoo's Review

Are you ready for the holidays?  How about Halloween?  Maybe you are hosting a purse party or something like that with your friends?  What about a wedding that needs a fun way to make it memorable?  For me, as a mom, I look for ways to make each day different and fun. 
 Mommy Moments with Abby's review of StacheTATs:  My kids love to make the mustache cookies seen HERE.  They love to ask to make them and whenever they drink milk or juice they smile at us and say Mustache!  So, I was very excited to do this review.  
I received the packet and was very excited to see all the different sizes and styles that they had!  There were neon ones, glittery polk-a-dot ones, small ones, skinny ones, and all styles in between  The hardest part of this review was for the kids to pick one to test out!  
So, I spread them out for the kids to choose from.  It was like I had laid out a candy store in front of them they way they kept switching their minds trying to decide which one's to put on.  When they finally picked them out it was easy to put them on.  I loved that it only took about 15 seconds to get them on, because that is about all the time a toddler will sit still for when waiting for something they are excited about.  

Once we had our stache's on we practiced our smiles.  Naturally, the girls went for the glittery polk-a-dot stache's laughing at each other.  Once they got done laughing they couldn't resist making faces in mirrors!  

This one cracks me up!  We had a blast with these and think they would be a great way to complete a pirate costume, laugh up a wedding reception, or just add some fun to a normally bland day.  They came off very easily with the alcohol wipes provided making this mom happy she wasn't having to wait until bath time or scrub on her babies faces!  You can check out their website:

Check out their current program: 
StacheTAT is few days out from the launch of their crowd-funding project on Kickstarter centered on the idea of starting a “Smile Campaign”.  Based on their extensive research, they estimate there are 17 smiles that result directly from each StacheTAT worn, and with their Kickstarter, their goal is to create fifteen million new smiles in every stretch of the world.  From dropping off mustaches at children’s hospitals to tailgating with their most generous contributors, they know they can surpass their Kickstarter goal of fifteen million smiles and their pledge of $50,000. 

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