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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mary Jo's Magnificent! April 13, 2013

After nabbing our shots of the spotted owl at Beatty's we headed to our other favorite birding spot at Mary Jo's!  We love her set up!  It is so relaxing to just sit and watch the birds.  The other birders are usually pretty respectful keeping the conversation quiet, but more then willing to help each other spot a bird, get a shot, or give advise on camera's to get!  This visit was no exception!
We walked in and were greated by Mary Jo who invited us to sit with the group around her.  We asked what feeder the Lucifer was visiting and she let us know it was at a lower feeder where another group was sitting, so we politely declined her invitation and went down to the other group.  We were sitting for a few minutes when we got our bird!  The Lucifer is an old friend of Mary Jo's and we came down a few times to see him.  On our last visit, late in the season, we finally got a site of him.  We came back to get a better photo and did we ever!  We also got a lot of other's including a lifer for the hubby's list!  Check out the magnificient display of birds we got!

athomewithabby's Beattys 4 132013 album on Photobucket

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