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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Shut Up Sighting at Beatty's in Miller Canyon AZ

On the way back to Madera Canyon during our weekend away in April we decided to stop by some of our favorite birding spots.  Our first stop was to Beatty's.  We had heard about a Spotted Owl and wanted to see for ourselves.  We stopped by the store and asked directions to the bird.  We then paid our donations, which for all the work they do is too little if you ask me and I can say that with the feeders we own, then headed off to find the bird.  We made sure to be quiet and not to disturb this beauty when we finally found him.
He was asleep in a tree and beautiful!  We didn't see the female who was probably in a whole on the nest, but the male was catching his rest before he had to go on the hunt.  I had heard a story about some jerk that went off trail to try to get the bird to wake up and turn it's head and can't believe that anyone would want to be so selfish.  I didn't get a face shot, but couldn't imagine waking this spotted slumberer.  I took my shots and then we headed down to the feeders and got a fun hummingbird shot!  They have a great set up for the hummingbirds and it's always fun to go and snap a few shots!
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