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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kubo's Cozy Little Cut-away!

The weekend of April 12 through the 14th the hubby and I decided to take a much needed break.  My parents watched the kiddo's and fur-babies while he and I headed a few hours south.  We decided to book a room/cottage in one of the canyon's we like to hike in, Madera Canyon.  We were calling around and finding most the rooms booked for the weekend!  Luckily for us, the people at Madera Kubo, called us back to say they would be willing to let us stay in their recently renovated "Tree House".  They have a house they are slowly remodeling into places for people to stay.   It is unlike their normal adorable cabins, they built those from scratch themselves, as it is a property that is being remodeled.  I wasn't sure how to picture it, but having met the owners before and enjoying their feeders before decided to take the change and stay there.  My husband had reserves as it wasn't a cabin on their site and recently remodeled can mean a lot of different things.  Still off we went....

We arrived late, we had pre-arranged this and since it wasn't some horrible hour like 9 or 10 the owners accommodation us this one time.  They had us follow them to the "tree house"  I was nervous as we walked up to a building behind the main house still being worked on and into a smaller building on the side.  It was located above their property so we could see the tops of many of the tree's to the
main cabins.  I was more nervous when we first entered the door to the stairway with blue green carpet, the chair at the top of the stairs was rustically cute, but with the color of the carpet seemed an odd fit, not helping my worry.
Then we entered the "Tree House".  I had no reason to worry and felt stupid for being concerned.  It was adorable.  The perfect Cozy little cut-away for a bird watcher and his wife!  It had amazing hard wood floors, a perfectly sized kitchen with granite counter tops, fridge, stove, and microwave for meals. There was a small TV for late night watching, a door to no-where which would be odd except it is glass and screwed shut so it is perfect for the bird watcher in the morning grabbing some breakfast and looking at
the warblers in the treetops, plus a small couch perfect for two. One bedroom with an inviting looking bed and a small/medium sized bathroom with shower and while my husband wasn't fond of the bear/moose carving hung above the toilet I found adorable.  The entire place had a modern rustic feel with wrot iron in the bathroom, bear carvings here and there, hardwood floors and natural colors that fit well for the tree top hideaway.  Both the unfinished building and the "Tree House" seemed to be made with brick and reclaimed wood from the outside.  Instantly, I thought to myself, "How did we luck out to find Kubo's Cozy Little Cut-away in the trees?"  We were very comfortable and happy with our newly discovered treasure of a getaway stay.
If you like hiking, bugging, birding, wildlife, or just nature in general it is perfect!  Their is a trail down to the main cabin so you can hang out with Cora (she runs the store and cleans the cabins) and check out the feeders down there after the morning warblers settle down.  She had a ton of birding stories of sightings and of life.  We had a blast and will definitely be staying here again!  I was very glad that they offered a place to us to stay and that we had found it when we stopped to check out the feeders a year ago with our kids.  Cora was so friendly with the kids and found their dancing adorable.  We had even decided to make a note of the place as a possible stay-cation before we spotted a calliope and a violet crowned hummingbird there.  While we
didn't see those this trip, too early, we did see a lot of other birds and wildlife.
The only con's I had were: that some of the windows were missing blinds, if your a birder you don't care though since your staring out them all the time looking for birds; they charge for guests that visit you even if they don't stay the night, this didn't affect us though since it was just us and I can see it being a problem due to the great location to spot birds; there is no Wi-Fi; and I've never used a space heater before and kept frying us at night with 80 degree temps, this is more user error though I think than anything they can control without putting a how to use for dummies like me on the counter.  The only other con was that Richard, one of the owners, told me they don't have a description of the place!  Well, now they do!  I just couldn't not write something up after finding out how charming it was and how nicely they treated us!
Vastly, the amazing look, location, price, and hospitality we found here outweighed these minimal possible con's.  I highly recommend staying here if you head down to Madera, AZ!  If you want to check it out and stay there yourself you can click on Madera Kubo.  

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  1. Sounds like a great place to stay for the nature of everything around there.


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