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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Killer Time at Kubo in Madera, AZ

The weekend of April 12-14 2013 we went down to Madera Canyon in Arizona.  We stayed at Madera Kubo, you can check out my review HERE.  It was a great place to stay.  While we took a day and headed South to Bisbee and then to the Miller Canyon area we really enjoyed checking out the birds in Madera Canyon as well.  We had some surprise sightings while staying at Madera, Kubo!
 We got to see some fun birds at Madera Kubo and a late night visitor!  So, we got to Kubo and had a few birds we hoped/wanted to see.  Well, my husband did.  I enjoy hummingbirds and owls plus a few other rare and colorful specimen's, if I'm honest the warblers just annoy me because they won't sit still for anything!  It's like watching a tree full of two year olds full of sugar without a nap, good luck getting them to sit for a picture.  My husband however is the true birder and doesn't mind hunting those little buggers down.
I digress, he/we had some birds we hoped to check out and one of the one's on the list was an Elf owl.  Lucky for us the Madera Kubo people had spotted one on the property near where our room was and a nest was suspected not far from them in the canyon off the road.  Unfortunately, this little bugger eluded us.  However, around 10 or 11 on Saturday we heard what we thought was an elf owl and went out to find
him.  As we looked around I saw eye's looking at me and I thought that I had found the owl, but I was wrong.  After my husband came to where I was and our headlamps light up what was behind the glowing eye's.  My husband was completely excited, I had no idea what I was looking at or that it was rare.  We had found a Ringtail!
He was amazingly curious about us even coming over to a tree above where we stood moving back and forth across the branch trying to get away from our headlamp light to see better what we were.  We managed to nap a few shots of him and I took a daylight shot of the place we were standing when we saw him you can see all the photo's in the slideshow below.
I would say that was probably the sighting of the Kubo location for us, an unexpected pleasure!  Check out all the birds and sights of Madera Kubo!
athomewithabby's Kubo april 2013 album on Photobucket

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