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Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Beginnings Book Review

We all face challenges in life.  Some of them we see coming, others hit us suddenly without notice, but all of them change us.  They change the direction of our life or the way we see ourselves and others.  And with that I will introduce my latest book review.

Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Happy Beginnings:  I love reading and find it interesting when people get brave enough to share their stories.  I dislike it when people share poorly, bad writing, seems like they didn't think it through, or they aren't honest about their life experiences.  So, did I love or dislike this book you ask?  Well, I loved it.  I was very appreciative of the writer's blunt honesty about the state of our dating world.  I was impressed that she took the bold move to put the blame on how woman are treated on both sexes.  And I was thrilled that she exposed herself in some of her more questionable moments in life.  She even states that some decisions were bad decisions.  While I would have chosen differently in some situations, she put her choices out there and didn't make excuses.  None of us make the right choice all the time and I applaud anyone with the stregnth to put these moments out there and then state why they should have done better.  So, because of all the previous statements I felt this book was one that was a journey of growth.  It doesn't just speak to people who are getting a divorce either.  Sometimes, it isn't the story but the message that speaks to you.  While I'm not going through or getting a divorce, I am at a constant place of development as we all are.  One thing this book reminded me is how we can lose our connection to our spouses as children, jobs, and life come into our marriage.  It is important to keep connecting to see if you are still with the right person, plus just by taking the time to connect you can help your marriage bond you as you grow or face growing apart.  It is also important to never lose yourself entirely into one thing.  Sometimes we mom's become nothing but mom's and need to remember we are wives, woman, and career gals.  Sometimes we find ourselves focusing on one aspect of life and the rest of us ends up so neglected we can't recognize it or we may not have any idea of what we want from life past the one place we've focused on.  This book reminded me that taking a step back and a moment to find what I like and don't like; a moment to take care of myself and remind my husband of the woman he married; plus a moment to flex any skills I have will help me stay healthy and live happy.  All in all I found this book to be a great read.  

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Product Description

This is a soft bound book that will be signed by the author. It is 200+ pages.
This is a memoir about starting over after loss of a parent to cancer, remarriage of another parent, and a husband leaving. It is a VERY honest account of the struggles that many women overcome when having to learn all over again after a settled life. There is humor but very real accounts of dating, emotions, and travel to Italy.

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  1. Abby,
    Thank you for your review. I am glad that you found the message I was hoping to impart. I wrote this book for exactly the reasons you stated in your review.
    I so appreciate your support.
    Lorena Bathey


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