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Thursday, April 4, 2013

College Planning doesn't just have to be for your teen

What do you do when the kid's are heading off to college?  What do you do when you just need a career change?  Why not explore yourself?  Why not go back to school yourself?  Who says we can't take the same leap our kids take and get a new or just get a degree?  Let's face it, with the kids out of the house we will have a lot of time on our hands and we can either spend it worrying or find something constructive to do with that time.  

OK, so my kids are a way off of going to college themselves, but I do think about the free time I'll have when they are in school period.  What will I do if I'm not overseeing behavior, potty training, food, and activities during the day?  Maybe I'll go back for my Masters?  What would this entail besides the astronomical costs of college now a day?  Well, I've been out of school for a long time and would have to take the tests to even get in anymore.  This mean's a log of prep.  Prepping involves a lot of gathering and researching.  Just preparing to even get ready for college will take up a lot of time.  Who knows maybe you will find aspects of yourself you never found before?  Even if you end up not going back, just preparing and challenging your mind outside of the mommy aspects of your life can really make those non-mommy hours go by fast.  Plus, it is never a bad idea to enrich yourself and by enriching yourself you also enrich your children. 

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