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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Conquer Spring Allergies Naturally with Hyland’s

Allergy season is here!  I have never in my life had allergies before, until I moved to Arizona.  This year has been the worst!  A few weeks ago I was so congested and my eyes were so swollen I was scaring my clients!  The kids I care for have been having allergy issues as well and some have even required medicine!  It's insane!  So, with nothing to block the pollen that blows across the valley I'm stuck trying to find ways to help ease my allergies!  
I've decided to try a few things!  Step 1: This will have to wait, but at least the process has started: re-do our floors.  We have carpet and it just holds onto that pollen and dander no mater how often I vacuum   Putting in tile will make it easier to clean off the allergens   Step 2: Turn on the HEPA air purifiers.  I got these to help my dad handle our dogs when he comes into town and find myself using them on the bad days to make the air easier for me to breath.  Step 3: This step is completely experimental and something that I've just heard, blowing around the rumor mill, eating raw honey from hives of the area you live in.  Now, I have no idea the validity of the claim I heard that eating the honey in raw form from bee's in your area will help your body deal with allergies and I have no degree to validate any scientific claims, but I'm willing to add some honey to my tea in the morning on the chance it will help!  Step 4: Use Hyland's Seasonal Allergy Relief.  I'm hoping with my multi-prong attack will help my late in life allergy experience.  What is your allergy relief?
Hyland's has a great list of products to help you this season: 

  •  Seasonal Allergy Relief
  • Complete Allergy 4 Kids
  • DEFEND Sinus
  • Hayfever
  • Hives
  • Calendula Spray

  • You can use a $1.00 coupon on Hylands most popular allergy products!

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