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Monday, February 25, 2013

Safety First

How many times do you remind your kids that something, isn't safe? Now, think about how many other people out there don't have kids or don't seem to remember that others have kids?  Why not provide them a little reminder to be safe?
I know that living in a development with a playground means that we will be dealing with people outside our neighborhood.  Often, this means that someone won't be watching their child and for some reason that child will be trying to control the playground.  Tell me it wouldn't be nice to have a Playground rule's sign to direct them to, you know if you say anything to their kid the first thing they say is "who said you get to make the rules" a sign means that the neighborhood did! 
Another place I wish we had more signs would be along the entry road reminding people to slow down.  Seriously, there is a huge green area and a playground right there and yet I see people speed down or come out of streets hitting the gas at a level where, on occasion, you actually hear the tires.  So, next on my safety mom wish list is a streetsign.

Lastly, running a daycare means a lot of people coming and going either to drop off a child, pick up a child, or come for a walk-through to see if we are a good fit for them.  Now, as a parent if I leave my car it gets shut off, but for some reason I've had a number of people even coming for a walk-through that leave them idle?  Yeah, makes no sense to me either, but it is what it is, so if I could find a way to put a removable parking sign that says IDLE FREE ZONE, TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE AND PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, that would be perfect.    

Life would be so much easier with signs don't you think.  Now, that I've been thinking about safety, signs, and how they fit into a mommy's life maybe I should just order a sign that says Warning BIOHAZARD AREA, because at the end of the day a daycare can look like an area requiring full yellow suites! 

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