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Friday, February 22, 2013

My hairy scary car!

We travel so much and naturally we take our fur-babies with us.  I love doing that, but it's bad enough that the kids make a mess of the front seat with sippy's, crumbles from snacks, leaves/mud from shoes, and random things I'm not quite sure of the origin. Add to it 3 dogs, with muddy paws and fur embedding itself into the back of my SUV and my car is a disaster.  That's why I'm hoping for Christmas or the next SUV we get something to solve this problem and save my sanity!
So, for a solution I looked up dog supplies at and browsed around in their travel section.  I found this great back cover for dogs which should solve my pet mud/hair issue.  It covers the entire back area so all 3 dogs will still fit comfortably in the back.  Now if only they could make one of these to cover the entire inside of my car to protect it from my toddlers, then I'd be in heaven! 

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