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Friday, February 22, 2013

How do you carry your baby?

So, I've been wondering, what is your favorite way to carry your baby?  There are so many options, front loader, back loader, , and wraps.  How do you decide as a new mom which to use?  Naturally, I had no idea so I used each one for a different reason.  
I used the front loader for when they were newborns until 4 or 5 months when hiking.  After that when hiking I used a back loader for hiking which made it easier on me and my little one had more ability to see all around them.  When I was on a short trip to the store for only one or two things I used a baby sling which was quick to put on and kept my little one close and secure.  When on longer walks, inside while running the daycare, or on longer shopping trips where I would need more security in the hold and a something where my hands could be completely free were when I used a wrap.  Basically, each has their pro's and con's.  Each has different times when they are most efficient for use.  I was lucky enough to get a few different styles in my baby showers, so I was able to switch depending on what was the best use, but if you don't have that luxury or the money to get one of each I suggest looking at what you will be doing the most once your little one is here and what your top 3 must have needs are going to be.  Then, look at each style and test them at the store for comfort keeping these top 3 needs in mind.  Make your decision based on function and not which one looks cutest or is currently in style.  This is make it a mommy tool and not a mommy accessory.  Comment below which style you use and why you love it! 

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