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Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year, New You!

I don't know about you but I would gather any parent could use a new start to their year.  I know I would love to start this New Year, with a New Me!  Luckily for us there is a giveaway sponsored by Hylands, Love and Toast, and Raintee's to help us get just that! 
I love how Hyland's uses homeopathy to help us maintain our natural balances and fight off those winter bugs that like to circle around us parents.  I know this year I want to bring on a new me by taking a tip from Hyland's and working on keeping myself healthy on the inside with more water and more natural methods.

Love and Toast looks to help us take care of the outside and get us back to a new us with their amazing natural scents, lotions, soaps, and other body pampering products!  I can't get to a spa let alone afford one, but I can turn my bathroom into a private spa during nap with these products!  You can grab your products at

Raintees  creates fun, soulful tees with their mission to re-cover the planet in trees!  I love a dual purpose product, one that keeps me covered in a fun way and one that helps me do my part by planting the tree's I don't have time to plant in my busy day as a mom! Make sure to check out the new book by Rain Tees Founder, Beth Doane.  You can get your tee's at

However you look to start the New Year, New You movement do it in a way that promotes the goals you have set for yourself!  One way you can is to enter to win the New Year, New You Contest on Hyland's Facebook Page: Three lucky winners will receive a Hyland’s Adult Basket filled with a blend of our most popular products, an eco-fashionable tee and uplifting children’s book from Rain Tees, and a collection of natural fragrance and bodycare from Love and Toast. 

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