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Friday, January 11, 2013

AMF Bowling Review

PhotobucketFamily night and we are facing another night of Finding Nemo or Cars 2, awesome.  As good as those movies are when you've seen them a million times, they can loose their luster.  So, looking for something fun we can all do I hit the internet!
Awesome, why not bowling? I used to go bowling a lot with the hubby before we had kids and when they where smaller, but we haven't since they have become more mobile.  So, we headed out to the nearest AMF!
PhotobucketMy daughter was a little scared at first over the loud noises and needed a hug from her daddy!  PhotobucketHer brother was ready to dig in.  Luckily for us we had open lanes to either side of us for most the night so, it allowed is to better acclimate her to the noise.  She decided after a while that she should be in charge in some way.  So, we had her help with a special job!


She loves to take score and had a great time sitting at the little desk in the center.

My son loved to take the balls and put them up on the stand to roll them.  I love that they have a device like this where the kids can bowl with you!

 My son is such a reflection of his father though.  He was a one person strongest baby competition.  He would pick a ball ranging from 7lbs to 14lbs, scoop it from the bottom and waddle it over to the stand, then shrug it up and run back for another ball.

Before we left my daughter wanted to make sure and check the scores for a final tally.  Ultimately declaring us all winners. She made sure we brought the rest of our popcorn and soda's when we left.  It was a great outing leaving us with tired little one's and sharing a past time from before they were born that we have enjoyed so much!  My daughter did eventually get a few sets in and she liked to see the balls hit the pins when she rolled them down the lanes.

So, if you are looking for new things to do with your family then look into your past and find ways to adapt them to your kids.  Might I suggest finding your local AMF and going bowling!?

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