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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scooting right along!

 Kids are always looking for the newest of a product!  Plus, there seems to be a daredevil streak in them now a days and they all want to do more tricks, have more control, and be the first at it all!  The best way to keep them out of trouble and get them outdoors is to give gifts that support this in a healthy way!
This year, my kids will be getting their first scooters. So, I went on a scooter hunt!  I found some scooters that fit all ages from 1 on and their styles are based on age and what they want to do with the scooter.  While my kids will be more of a fit for the mini micro, older ages can test out their abilities with models like the one pictured above.  It is for advanced riders and the odd looking steering allows for better curve control and something called carving which with two first time scooters of my own I'm not quite familiar with, but would bet it would feed into the tricks aspect I talk about above! Made with Fiberglass frames and a rear wheel brake I can just see kids doing all sorts of twists, turns, jumps, and whatever they can create as they keep themselves in shape, outdoors, out of trouble, and excited to create a new move! 

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