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Monday, November 12, 2012

Kylie Minogue, "The Abbey Road Sessions" Review

Kylie Minogue just released her newest album, "The Abbey Road Sessions".   I was recorded in London's legendary Abbey Road Studios with her band and a full orchestra for some of the tracks.  I imagine the studio is the inspiration for the name of the album, but it could also be that the album is 16 of her classic songs re-imaged and re-arranged.  Check out what I think of Kylie's Latest album.
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review: When I think of Kylie Minogue, as I imagine is the same for many of you, I think of pop, techno beats with lyrics, get up and dance music.  She has transitioned the times well and always kept that dance get up and move feel to her songs which has, until now, been sort of a signature for her.  I was surprised when I put this on and even though it was 16 of her songs, and in fairness she has had songs that aren't so pop oriented, I instantly thought this is a throw back CD.  

The album was everything you think of when you think of a throw back CD.  The melodic sounds and orchestra backing to these songs as well as a more pure unprocessed vocals from Kylie herself had me feeling like it was best served with a glass of wine and a few good friends sharing some cheese cake and remembering things that have happened in life just appreciating the songs and moments they were in or that I should have a martini in my hand wearing a black dress worthy of the likes of Audrey Hepburn on a date with the hubby at a piano bar listening to the music.  Perfect, throw you back to another time CD.  

Now, I am a little preferential to this type of sound, maybe it's because I'm a mom and the techno, crazy sound, loud move your body music is always present in my house (thank you Elmo's got the moves) or maybe it's because I sang in an Acapella Choir in High School and just love a cleaner sound to my vocals.  Kylie's vocals reminded me of one of my favorite Rockabilly songstresses, Duffy, only Kylie had less of a smokey sound and more of a clear and a crisp sound where the emotions of the song could easily be felt based on the presence she gave them.  When vocals are clear I feel the singer has a harder job, because they have to decide what tone they want the song to have and then consistently work to keep the tone at that emotion.  Kylie did this very well on this album.  I also appreciated that she kept some pep in her song Locomotion, so while remade it still has that fun maybe I should put some leg warmers on and boogie down feel to it.  

While I was a definate fan of Locomotion I have to be honest that I haven't always been a fan of Kylie Minogues sound,  this CD and it's remakes for a more clear, honest sound, full of soul and musical blending had brought me back to my Locomotion appreciation for Kylie.  I think you should definitely check out this new sound and CD of Kylie's.  

More about the Album and Kylie:

The album features many of Kylie's best-known hits including "I Should Be So Lucky""Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and "The Locomotion".  Other highlights include fan favorite but previously unreleased "Flower", a song she wrote years ago following her battle with breast cancer, an ode to the child she hopes to have one day.  Kylie Minogue, is celebrating 25 years in music with the release of The Abbey Road Sessions.  

Kylie will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars tomorrow and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Wednesday performing "The Loco-motion."   You can follow Kylie on twitter at  You can also find more updates, photos streaming of video and audio by visiting or  

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