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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hyland's Cold Season Backpack Review

I'm so excited to get my Hyland's Backpack and Cold Season Pack!  Just in time for the cold weather and the backpack is perfect for hiking.  Check out what I got to help keep my family healthy this season!
I received a good amount of medicines for both adults and for kids to keep us all healthy.

The Cold Tablets include Zinc which is a huge immune system booster found in a wide variety of cold remedies.  I haven't needed to try the Flu Care for Kid's yet, but am very glad to have it on hand.  Running a daycare we are often dealing with Sniffles'n'Sneezes so having something to give for this issue finally is awesome!

The worst part of Cold Season sometimes, can be the nights.  Having something to help you and them handle the nights better is always something mom's hunt for.  Plus, the Cold Tablets for baby make sure to give you an option for helping those under 2 as well.

I don't know about you but sometimes the dry cold air in Arizona just murders my throat so I'll definitely be keeping the Hyland Sore Throat remedy close by.  Plus, if a bit of the cold the kids bring home starts to head me off then I'll have a bit of the Night Defend Cold and Cough to help head it off.
Lastly, the Flu Care Complete for adults will help me ward off the nasty flu symptoms should they show up this year!

While their is no hard and fast cure for Colds and Flu's having a homeopathic method to help my body fight so the symptoms don't last as long is always something I look for as a mom.  After all, their are no sick days from the Mom Job!

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