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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool mom product site! Check this out!

LilyPadz, Lily Padz Silicone Nursing Pads can someone tell me where these where when I was nursing?  I don't know about you but I had these cloth things that sometimes got stuck to the lanolin or if I slept to long the raw spots and then had to be painfully peeled off!  Yuck and ouch so when I saw these my first thought was unfair!  Why did I get stuck with the painful ones?  I found them on a website that called which is full of products created and made by moms.  This explains why someone had the genius idea for the product you see above.  As a mom who works, or tries to, from home that the products on these sites were invented by mom's made it just that much more interesting to me.  I had to browse around and see what other creative mom's had developed.  There are some really great products out there like, ways to carry your kid on your back, a must in an airport when your toting luggage and fumbling with a purse for your information as it is, having your baby on your back makes it so much easier.  A chair protector for those messier feeding days or other potential postpartum issues, you can even use it if your near your due date and want to protect a nice chair from your water breaking, take about a great mom idea! Another favorite and a definite  why didn't I think of this was the padded car seat handle cushioning the car seat on your arm when carrying it!  I had a big baby boy so I would have loved a little cushion when toting him around in the car seat.  

I was so excited at the great idea's and products that mom's have created to help each other out!  I had to share this site with you my readers to help you find some solutions to those mom problems that don't always seem to get thought of in regards to product creation!  Check it out and who knows maybe while you shop you'll get inspired to come up with a mom-product of your own! 

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