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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple way to scare all who dare enter!!!!

The kids were all antsy, it’s still too hot to play outside, but it’s October so the kids are itching for their outside time. Having a bunch of kids that need something to do with no time to create something for them to work on makes for some fast thinking! I was actually thinking anyone who enters this house right now would have to be ready for the nut house, because this kids are nuts! Then it hit me, I should have the kids make their own warning signs.

You need:

Construction paper
Contact paper
Spooky designs

Cut the construction paper so it’s about ½-1 inch wider than your door knob on either side. Next, decide where the top and bottom are. Using a pen, mark where the door knob will be with space on all sides. Poke a small hole with your pen at this spot. Use the scissors to cut a cross into the paper so the door knob can slip through. Instruct the kids to decorate away, but not to cover the cuts in the paper.

Sit back as they set to work! If they are old enough have them paint spooky words or Happy Halloween on it! The kids will love this since it gets their creative juices going! Once done cover in contact paper to prevent tearing! You may need to re-cut your slits. Now have the kids find a door to hang their warnings on. I put my daughters’ Beware sign on the bathroom, seemed fitting.

Ask the kids why they are decorating or writing what they are? Let them expand on any stories their answers may lead to and of course write it all down in your kids journal! Enjoy the holidays, but remember, sometimes it’s best to give a warning of what hides behind a closed door!


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