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Monday, October 29, 2012

Nuby No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper Review

I'm working with my son on drinking from a cup at meals.  He will be 2 soon and I feel that it's a good time to start that skill.  He still will be allowed a sippy while he is at play, but meals need to be cups so he keeps expanding his skills and doesn't lose any.  So, to help I'm looking for sippies that are more like a cups edge then a sippy nozzle.  
Nuby sent their Insulated Cool Sipper and it was just what I needed for this endeavor!  I handed it to my son to see his decision on the subject!  As you can see no complaints here!  It does seem to have helped his cup handling skills as well with a few less spills then before. I think he is starting to understand that he had to put his mouth on the lip of the cup instead of more a straw like form.

I like that it is still spill proof as I can turn it upside down without drips which is perfect for his 1 year old tendencies.  It has an area where you can write your child's name for when you leave the house to avoid confusion with other kid's sippies or easier claiming if dropped at a store.  The insulated cup also keeps his milk or juice cool longer than the un-insulated sippies that we had been using.
If you want this for your graduating drinker you can click HERE to order one for yourself from Nuby.

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