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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I never realized that living in Arizona would have me speaking and experiencing Arabic.  If you live here you know, and are potentially annoyed with the weather that has been spouting up lately.  Most move here for the easy winter months that hover between chilly and warm, feeling that the 3 months of extreme heat is an even exchange.  Most didn't plan on needing to invest in Swiffer!
Haboob- A Haboob is an Arabic word that describes/labels the huge dust storms in area's of the world where Arabic is spoken.  The dust in these storms comes with high winds, black out conditions at times, and in the case of Arizona the kicking up of ancient spores which can be extremely harmful to one's health causing Valley Fever.  They come on so fast that one minute you can be outside mowing, stop to go inside, then come out to see the pictures to the left headed at you!  I'm not sure why, but we seem to be having a lot of these this year.
It wouldn't be so bad I guess if I didn't have a large home to dust, have it disrupt my internet and tv connections, and a pool in the backyard which requires immense cleaning from the husband whenever one of these bad boys rolls into town.  Did I expect dust in the desert, yes, did I expect heat, yes, did I expect to feel like I was regularly being swallowed by that guy with the dust storm on the mummy, that would be a no!  Hopefully next year will be Haboob free!  Hey, a girl can wish can't she?

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