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Monday, October 29, 2012

Clifford Review

On Saturday we treated the kids for being very well behaved by taking them to their first Theater production!  Naturally, it was a kids show, Clifford the Big Red Dog!  It was a live musical at the Comerica Theater in Phoenix.  Check out how it went!
We had to pay for parking, which is never fun for me when it comes to my tight clench on my wallet!  But, what can you do in downtown Phoenix?  We got in and found our seats.  The show began and the kids just stared speechless.  As the show progressed and Emily Elizabeth went to the crowd for help my daughter began to respond to the audience requests.  My son decided the seat was un-necessary when the music came on and busted some moves when the songs were on.  The story progressed from how Emily Elizabeth came to have Clifford to her first day of school in a new place.  It was a fun show, during intermission I loosened my pocket to give my kids a special treat!  Kisses and hugs were instantly given to their new friends!  Popcorn was purchased and we went back in to watch the rest of the show.  My daughter was determined that Clifford know her name and whenever a question was asked took to shouting, "I'm Avery!" at the stage.  My son was happy to have popcorn while watching the show.  We left during the bows to beat the traffic and had two very happy and tired kids at the end of the evening.  When I put my daughter down for bed that night she said to me, " I go see Clifford?"  I think that means she liked it!

Best Kid Quote During the Show: My daughter turned to her father when Clifford grew, literally over night, from a puppy into a huge dog and said, "That makes no sense!"  I said to my very analytic husband, that is your daughter!  Only this 2 year old wouldn't follow the accept the wonder/magic of a situation and point out the missing logic!  Love that little mind inside her head!

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