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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Pierce: Letter to a football player...

As many of my reader's know my husband is a University of South Carolina alumni.  Not only that but he was a walk on under Lou Holtz, when he had to have back surgery, he continued playing and made it through spring try-outs up to the physical where they found out he had literally just had major back surgery.  They told him to heal up and try back.  My husband decided to take another route and played on their rugby team instead.  He knew that he never had the training needed to make the NFL, but to get accepted and then have an injury stand in your way of meeting your potential is frustrating.
We have been watching as a family for a few years now and when Marcus Lattimore took the field we knew, like everyone else, this kid was gifted and the more we watched plays and interviews we realized he is rare.  He is devoted to his team and his beliefs and an amazingly well rounded person considering just how much talent he has, it doesn't seem to have gone to his head.  So, when he was hurt last year, we felt for him, but we knew his faith and skill mixed with his dedication would carry him through and he would come out just as good as before.  This weekend as we watched the play that left anyone watching it with the instant cold feeling in the chest and turned stomach as you watch someone's life literally change forever.  My husband was instantly sending wishes that the community rally's behind this player as we saw, probably the most scary thing we could see happen, not the injury itself which is horrifying, but the doubt cross a person such as Marcus's face.  He will need the community, family, friends, the medical community, and everyone to remind him he can come back stronger.  If the end of this isn't to football, it should at least be to the strong devoted, never give up person that he was before the injury.  So, when my husband sent me this blog entry, I felt like I had to share it.  This is some of what this amazing person needs, to know the stories, faith, love, belief, and impact he has had on so many already, it is really an amazing letter and I'm sharing it with you now!  I encourage you to share it with others and maybe, sit down and put one of your own together to send to Marcus during this tough time.

Baby Pierce: Letter to a football player...: If you follow college football, you probably know by now that the University of South Carolina suffered a terrible tragedy yesterday. If you...

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